Arkiv for August, 2010

18. August 2010

to define a good shooting day

The emotional aspects of filming is fueled by adrenaline. The high joys and the intense fears and anxietes; all based on pure energy. Being …

15. August 2010

the night before a shoot

Thoughts aplenty; endless scenarios running through my mind; worst case situations; logistic nightmares; weather conditions; equipment issues; and, if I´m lucky, creative and artistic …

13. August 2010

The Art of Sitting Still (and Moving Forward) Pt. 1

This is an investigation of visual storytelling in regards to dialogue scenes taking place by a table between two or more characters. As I find …

12. August 2010

software, hardware, social media

floorcharts through Home Sweet 3D. storyboards through extremely scrappy handpainted lines, composed and organized through the Hitchcock-app on the Jesusphone. pre-production co-ordination through Facebook … [1]

5. August 2010

pre-prod is addictive

to be in pre-production is to be in a constant, adrenaline-fuelled druginduced daze. minute by minute, hour by hour, another thing on another list … [3]