pre-prod is addictive

to be in pre-production is to be in a constant, adrenaline-fuelled druginduced daze. minute by minute, hour by hour, another thing on another list can be checked off, and piece by piece, the film is starting to come together. slowly but surely, you´re getting closer and closer to the actual thing; the minute you see people assemble on set, equipment being unpacked and rigged, tensions starting to be released, and talent being tested and proven.

in just four days, we´ll have the first shooting day of my upcoming film, SHORT FILM # 21. alot of people are working really hard right now to be able to make this the best possible short film. with basically no budget (sans a very welcome contribution from the Culture Council in Landskrona and the regional film incubator BoostHBG), we are trying to create gold from pure vision. right now, it feels like if we´re actually going to be able to pull it off.