the night before a shoot

Thoughts aplenty; endless scenarios running through my mind; worst case situations; logistic nightmares; weather conditions; equipment issues; and, if I´m lucky, creative and artistic preparations. All of these are only some of the factors that are a part of what follows me into bed a night before a shoot. How will it be? What do I want? How are we going to achieve it with the tools at hand and the schedule we have alloted ourselves? What will I be able to do in order to motivate my colleagues in the best, possible way? How could the dynamics of my crew work more effectively? How do we serve the vision, the film, to the best of our abilities? How do I communicate what I feel, in a way that makes any sense to everyone else? And what do I let go of, at what time? When will it be necessary to compromise? The night before a shoot, there are more questions than answers. In a couple of hours, we roll cameras. The following two days will be the two best days ever. Why? Because I want answers to my questions. And I am going to get them.