new Swedish zombiefilm (in my hometown)

Finally, Swedish film is starting to catch up with not only the rest of the world, but the rest of the Nordic countries when it comes to producing films that are more genre-specific. The film “Frostbite” by Anders Banke was really the first proper mainstream genre film produced in Sweden, but was ahead of it´s time. It wasn´t really until “Let The Right One In” that genre became an accepted niche to produce Swedish film in. Now, recently, “Psalm 21″ (premiered this past Friday in Swedish cinemas) is the latest addition to the Swedish horror film library (which isn´t all that big, mind you…). But that very same team is now in full pre-prod mode for the shooting of yet another genre film, namely “Zon 261”, in what appears to be a full on zombie film!

Now, what is important to know about this particular project, is that the “261” is the area postal code number for the city of Landskrona – in what happens to be my own hometown. And what is also important to know, is that the film and the production seems to be an analogy of the recent elections success of the nationalistic, xenophohic political party The Swedish Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna). Obviosly, the zombie outbreak in this film, is clearly meant to be a strong political pun against those who believe certain ethnic groups should be outcasts. It will be extremely interesting to keep an eye on this production.

Have a look at the quite impressive teaser trailer for the production on it´s website.