Stikkord: ‘landskrona’

8. November 2010

new Swedish zombiefilm (in my hometown)

Finally, Swedish film is starting to catch up with not only the rest of the world, but the rest of the Nordic countries when … [1]

15. August 2010

the night before a shoot

Thoughts aplenty; endless scenarios running through my mind; worst case situations; logistic nightmares; weather conditions; equipment issues; and, if I´m lucky, creative and artistic …

12. August 2010

software, hardware, social media

floorcharts through Home Sweet 3D. storyboards through extremely scrappy handpainted lines, composed and organized through the Hitchcock-app on the Jesusphone. pre-production co-ordination through Facebook … [1]

5. August 2010

pre-prod is addictive

to be in pre-production is to be in a constant, adrenaline-fuelled druginduced daze. minute by minute, hour by hour, another thing on another list … [3]

25. April 2010

a small summation of the writing process for the 3rd draft

Intense satisfaction is an often elusive sensation for, if not a perfectionist, then atleast a person with great expectations on himself. And yet, when …