Stikkord: ‘short film #21’

15. August 2010

the night before a shoot

Thoughts aplenty; endless scenarios running through my mind; worst case situations; logistic nightmares; weather conditions; equipment issues; and, if I´m lucky, creative and artistic …

13. August 2010

The Art of Sitting Still (and Moving Forward) Pt. 1

This is an investigation of visual storytelling in regards to dialogue scenes taking place by a table between two or more characters. As I find …

12. August 2010

software, hardware, social media

floorcharts through Home Sweet 3D. storyboards through extremely scrappy handpainted lines, composed and organized through the Hitchcock-app on the Jesusphone. pre-production co-ordination through Facebook … [1]

16. May 2010

to read (if bored or feeling lucky)

The latest draft of the shortplay for my upcoming short film “Short Film # 21” (say that three times, fast, I dear ya!) as …

25. April 2010

a small summation of the writing process for the 3rd draft

Intense satisfaction is an often elusive sensation for, if not a perfectionist, then atleast a person with great expectations on himself. And yet, when …

22. April 2010

update on “Short Film # 21”

Mattias Malmgren and Karin Bertling in concept stills for "Short Film # 21" being in pre-production can be likened to many things. being in love. …

8. April 2010

remarkable response

yesterday I started the Short Film #21 fan page on Facebook. my goal was to open up the script development process and to get …

6. April 2010

join the interactive narrative development of my next short!

So! Short Film #21 is my upcoming short film production. The goal is to shoot it in Helsingborg, Sweden, this summer. This production will be a fully …